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The ATI Mission Statement 

ATI’s focus as technology evangelists demands we remain actively at the forefront of emerging
technology trends. We hold memberships in multiple professional organizations and look to be
influencers in the adoption and utilization of technology. However, we are also pride ourselves on
remaining grounded, so we are not proponents of deploying technology without it providing long term


ATI goal is to deliver a superior client focused experience on all our projects and the businesses
built from the reputations of the staff and leadership. Relationships are built on trust, support, and
assurance, so we focus on the long term without sacrificing the immediate.


ATI is a services-based company, we take a pro-active approach to identifying and managing problems. However, when a problem is identified, it is our goal to deliver a successful outcome for our clients. We focus on what the
issue is, how does it affect our client or project, and then we transition to finding a solution to meet the


While no entity can promise perfection in their actions, our goal is honesty, transparency, and being an active partner to our projects and clients. Our goal is to provide technology design, consulting, and installation, of the most up to date technology systems available, that exceed our clients’ expectations in: schedule, budget and system functionality.

Our Values


Our client’s see our value through their interaction with our team and understand we are there to support their goals.


Advanced Technology Initiative, LLC is Proud to a member of the New Mexico Technology Council,
where we network with other IT companies and IT decision makers across the state of NM.

Customer Experience

With our extensive experience in exceeding our clients’ expectations, ATI is strategically positioned to
offer our services to our existing clients as well as the potential clients.


ATI’s extensive experience in the Technology and Telecommunications fields, allows us to provide exceptional architectural, engineering and contractor coordination and management in the design and implementation of the technologies being implemented by our clients.



The benefit of our Leadership and design staffs’ implementation experience are in our deliverables.


The designs and OPC’s (Opinion of Probable costs) issued to our clients, are in-line with everchanging
construction costs as we achieve our client’s functionality expectations of the technology systems being
designed by ATI

Over 70 years combined experience and certifications in the most current technology advancements are
what we offer. Our team members are chosen with specific responsibilities and will be required to
continue pursuing their education.


The world is changing every day and with it comes change in


By us offering our team members to continue their education thru online, trainings, etc.; we
will be promoting success in each of our team members as well as providing the most up to date
services for our customers.

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